Elizabeth is a registered Biokineticist, Biblical Councelor and Inspirational Speaker. In her therapeutical interventions with people she helps them overcome pain in all its forms - in body, soul and spirit. In dealing with pain with her patients and in her own life she realized that all physical pain doesn't have physical origins. The body is merely the manifestation ground for all pain. The specific origin of pain is crucial to the healing process to prevent chronical illnesses or auto-immune diseases.

"Once we understand this process and can locate the origin of pain, we can start with the healing journey towards wholeness. We can get out of our comfort zone, stop committing to repetative destructural behaviour patterns and start to live our lives from a new heart..."

Elizabeth went on a pilgrimage up Kilimanjaro (5895m) where God showed her how to conquer the mountains in her life. He gave her the method and the knowledge and this has become her story of healing to others who need to be victorious over mountains in their lives too.

In her book Water Your Soul she conveys this life-changing information...the road to healing from body to soul to finally in spirit!

My Dream Women living their calling from a point of wholeness in body - soul - spirit.

My Calling Equipping women with discernment and knowledge to...

My Place of Reference