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As I woke this morning just before sunrise, I knew it was time to write the Spirit Journey. The year has leaped at the winning post of completion! But there are now two major questions that we need to answer before the … Continue reading

Soul Journey Week 2

Your behaviour: Are they actions or reactions…only when your behaviour becomes actions you will experience total freedom in it but if your behaviour is constantly reactions (to thoughts/emotions/circumstances) you live in bondage of something – you are its slave! You were born to reign…why don’t you reign? Continue reading

The Soul Journey

Remember what you think…you will feel and it will determine what you will do. If you act strangely…what did you feel just before that and what type of thinking got you there?… You have your explanation….if you didn’t like your action – learn now how to change it! Continue reading

BODY JOURNEY WEEK 2 Adopt an active lifestyle

Start to think being an active person and you will become an active person. Elizabeth D Continue reading

BODY JOURNEY: Personal Dimension / Nutritional Dimension / Exercise dimension

Good day dear blogger! Bon Voyage! Welcome again to the Water Your Soul Journey… I am so proud of the choice you made! May you be blessed by every new input from this page and may you stay committed to … Continue reading