Soul Journey Week 2

Good day all Bloggers of the Water Your Soul Journey…

This is week 2 of the Soul Journey and we are heading for San Gimignano where we will be talking about the roots of our actions and how it can be freed from bondages so that you will be experiencing peace from it and not regrets…

Now San Gimignano is well known for its skyline of 13 towers built by noble families in the 12th – 13th centuries. This town was on the main pilgrim route from Nothern Europe to Rome and thus brought it great prosperity! Today only one of these towers are open to the public: Torre Grossa. For a small town, San Gimignano is rich in works of art by Memmo di Filipucci; Bartolo di Ferdi; Ghirlandaio and Taddeo di Bartolo to name a few. There are good shops and restaurants to enjoy the typical Tuscan cuisine!

In the heart of the town we find the Piazza della Cisterna and lets take some time now to ensure that all actions which follow our thoughts and feelings will rather come from our loving  heart and not our hurtfull mind and emotions!

Behaviour can either lead to life or to death the choice is yours! If you make the choice to change your behaviour you are already moving towards life away from death but if you don’t make a choice the “world” will make it for you and this can only lead to death!

What on earth am I trying to say to you today? All behaviour is either intentional(You want to do it – choice) or unintentional (you act out of your subconscious mind/habitually – no choice involved) So…if you don’t make a choice to change certain behaviour: over eating/drinking too much alcohol/having an affair, you will keep on doing it subconsciously and it will become a habit which is hard to break. Example: I wanted to stop taking sugar and after two years I still catch myself when I make coffee and don’t concentrate what I am busy with, taking out the sugar bowl and just before adding the sugar I sort of snap out of it and then cannot believe what I nearly did again! Habits are hard to break especially if it serves you in one or other way…you get something out of it?

Ok, so now let’s see: I make a choice to change the behaviour because it is bad for me/I hurt my loved one when I do it/its just plain sin…After making the choice which is a conscious decision, you move to intentional subconsious level…this is where you need to persevere because  internally you are being rewritten…your harddisk is being reboot! Old habits/old ways are dying so new ways can be formed….Here you have to trust God to renew your thoughts and emotions so that the new behaviour can take root in your life! This process of waiting can be hard especially if you keep on going back to your old ways and finding ways to give it acknowledgement…Trial and error build these new roots for new behaviour: I put the sugar bowel back and the new root is formed BUT if I had taken even just a little sugar…you know while the bowel is out…I would have supported the old behaviour again and the process of change would have been delayed again!! Once you can stick to or go back to the new behaviour time and again the transformation process will get into place. You will just realize one day: Oh, I don’t want sugar in my coffee anymore – like I did! Then after no time you will be moving towards the living block of this process which obviously leads to eternal living because the fruit of your changed behaviour is the evidence that you are living by a new heart grounded in love away from all negative thoughts and emotions that keeps you being the victim of your own life! WOW! So Choice – Patiently waiting – Transformation – Life – Eternal Life

Now the opposite is also true: Don’t choose (The World: Magazines/Peer group/General perceptions make your choice for you)/Being very Busy/Transforamtion/Death/Eternal death! Ok let me take it slowly and explain: If you don’t choose – the choice will be made for you; Very Busy: You don’t choose and get very busy staying in step with what the world wants; Transformation: You begin to look like the world – no personal identity/the same as all others/feeling in!. But to keep up this pace you need all kinds of help: Boosters/Energy drinks/Medication/Alcohol/Drugs etc…. and you are transformed to die (without you realizing it!) And then eventually if you don’t wake up from this suductive sleep you will die eternally! I truely pray that while you read here and recognize yourself that you will say: STOP! I am going to stop running after the world; I need to find the truth – the real Truth because it will set you free! Free to be authentic again/free to make the right choices for you!

God says In Revelations 3:20 that He stands at your door and knocks and if you here Him you should open and He will come in and have a meal with you! He will feed you the bread of Life so that you will never become hungry again for what the world can give. If you are ready to open this door of Life just pray with me: Dear God, I hear your voice calling me today, I am tired of following the crowd just to be in, I want to follow Jesus. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and that I am now free – I will live forever because of His redemptive gift and Your grace towards me. You loved the world so much, that You send Him to come and carry the sins of this world on our behave…thank you! I ask Your Holy Spirit to fill me now and make me at peace with you. The Holy Spirit is the Truth and He will show me what is Truth and what are lies in my life! I just want to hang on to the Truth! Thank you God, My Father for saving my life now! AMEN

Well done! Welcome to God’s have received eternal life now and you will see in the days to come you will make the choices not the world for you!

When we meet again we will be going on our Spiritual Journey in Rome…where many things began!

Shalom (Peace I leave with you)

Elizabeth D

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