As I woke this morning just before sunrise, I knew it was time to write the Spirit Journey. The year has leaped at the winning post of completion! But there are now two major questions that we need to answer before the New Year: 2011 starts to take its toll again…

Question 1:


If you would die this day are you absolutely sure that you will be in heaven meeting God and receive eternal life? You may think but I don’t believe in all of that – if you die you die… What if you are wrong and have to spend eternity in a place where you suffer…What can you lose by pursuing this believe? NOTHING…you can only gain.

Question 2:


Do you sometimes feel you are just living each day as the one before…not really planning much or finding out what you really should be doing? Have you fallen into the habit of making a living rather than living life to the full? What is hidden within yourself that you have been putting off to pursue for a long time or have you ever made some “me-time” to meet the real YOU? Each of us were created to be and to do something unique in this world that only you can do…don’t just fall into the mundane everyday life but start living life passionately this year from the authentic YOU!

Come…come and just walk this path with me…even if it’s only make believe to you know…it’s all right! Let me take you further on our Mediterranean Cruise…to Rome. Once again after a gastronomic experience in the Ship’s main lounge, the cruise ship set off to Rome while my husband and I set off to sleep in our moving Hotel room…

As we woke we were just docking at the port. After we had another gourmet breakfast at sunrise, the busses took us to Rome (one hour’s drive) from the port!

A little bit about Rome: Romulus was the founder of Rome in the 8th century BC and emperors lived for over 400 years. Rome became the capital of a hugh empire, introducing its language, laws and calendar to most of Europe. Another important legacy of the Roman empire was Christianity. There are too many matters of artistic value to discuss here but one I have to alight is the artist, Michelangelo and his work, specifically in the Sistine chapel where he charted the Creation of the World and the fall of man. The walls specifically show the life of Moses and of Christ Jesus and then lastly he added the final judgement on the wall behind the altar. The contents and the colours, diversity and talent of the artist form a complete picture of our life here on earth and the internal turmoil we experience as did Michelangelo…

If I look at the work of this artist …not only painting but sculptors too, I often wonder what is there that I can be or do that can mean so much too to so many people? I know God created each of us to do something special here on earth…maybe it’s not so impressive or so visible to the public eye but I know for sure just as valuable in God’s eyes. But am I doing that thing or am I being that person? How will I know if I am?

As I read the Bible, I realize that God always uses our everyday life and our circumstance to make us aware of what it is that He is preparing us for. If we are too overwhelmed by our circumstances and fall into self pity we are blinded to see the emerging opportunity and only realize it years later or even worse never do at all, what we’ve missed. Our minds and the way we think about things play a very important role in this process and can also be the very thing that keeps us away from our purpose in life!

At this stage some of you feel quite lost in what I am trying to convey to you in this blog but bare with me for one moment more. If Michelangelo could create such beauty hanging upside down from a ceiling meters from the ground, why can I not stay focussed and committed when life throws me upside down at times? What we put out there for the world must come from within us…I cannot give what I do not have. Then we only pass on what we hear/learn/experience from the outside world – no lasting impact on people! If I am unaware of what I have I feel unworthy and unimportant! It’s only when what we learn/experience changes what person we are or ignites the seeds within us to start to bloom that we are able to not only share the experience but teach by example.

When you start to walk your talk, then you live from who you are within yourself…What is preventing you now to do just that? Are you giving the right value to that or are you may be using it as an excuse? Get over it, stand up and you will start to see a different picture…

So now we arrive at the first question: Do you know God or do you know about God? If you know God, you will want to spend time with Him and learn more about Him and then live your life from the grace you found in Him. You will be able to connect with that little voice inside of you, The Holy Spirit, that guides you to the right places and to do the right things. But if you only know about God it will be the same as you know the principal of a school or the lady at the shop…you will not necessarily need to be a close friend of them. Jesus wants to be your best friend. He was prepared to die for you, in your place on the cross and saved you by grace…it is for free, like gifts, you only need to accept it and open it…to take it for yourself! You can do that right NOW…Would you like to?

Say these words aloud as you read: Lord, Jesus, I accept You now as my Lord and saviour from sin, the One who died on the cross in my place. I know that this is a gift for me and I can take it for myself. I don’t have to pay for it again and again, because You already did. I know that I cannot save myself at all.  I ask You, Holy Spirit, to make my heart Your home and to guide me from today and forever on the road I should travel, the work I should do and the relationships I should pursue. I accept that I am now a child of God, no matter my age and that if I die today I will be in heaven with You. Thank you Jesus! Amen

If you prayed this prayer with honesty and meant every word, your life will change forever for the good! Expect that things will be different now…you will see things differently, experience life differently and will be more aware of your emerging passion for people and their needs. Pursue what you feel God lays on your heart and never doubt it! You will be tested…but when the devil is talking just keep right on walking! Learn from Jesus; strive to be more and more like Jesus. Let love, and absolutely no other emotion be your motivation for action. Be love, see love, and act from love. Where there is love there is no fear because perfect love drives away all fear. (1Joh. 4:18)

A Blessing to you:

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord makes His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace… (Numbers 6: 24-26 NKJ)

Kind Regards to you all! May 2011 come with great surprises of abundance and peace and joy to you all!

Elizabeth D. Myburgh

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