Elizabeth D Myburgh is a Biokineticist/Biblical Couselor/Inspirational speaker. She has a passion for knowledge and a love for people to guide them on their journey towards wholeness in Body, Soul and Spirit. In her book, Water Your Soul – A Book of Wellspring for women, she takes you on a journey towards wholeness in order for you to be and to become the purpouse you were created for. In her Biokinetic and Couselling practises she saw that the origin of physical pain can lie in the body (Bio-mecahnical problems) in the soul (connected to old perceptions/lies/pain) or in the spirit (deep emotional pain: rejection, abandonment) that can lead to the manifestation of it in the body. Once we know the root cause of pain in our life we can start with the healing journey towards wholeness. She counsels in Trauma/ Marriages/Inner healing. She presents workshops/retraites all over Southern Africa. For more info go to www,wholeness-ministry.co.za